About Us

We’re J Bentley insurance, and we do things a little different than most. Our owner Justin started the company back in 2004 shortly after finishing college. He realized most people know everything about the things they want to insure, but nothing about the insurance for those things.

The average Joe couldn’t tell you what the numbers on his auto policy meant or what the difference between homeowners’ policies were. With that, he decided to make education the driving force behind our Agency. Most people get confused or nervous when it comes to shopping for insurance. They think the process is going to be long and complicated, and agents ask too many questions! (It’s true, we ask a lot of questions.)

At J Bentley, we tend to slow things down for customers and take as long they’re comfortable with to make sure all questions are answered, and nothing is left up in the air. You want to know what kind of protection you have on the things you value most, and we try to make that happen. Through this, we build relationships with our customers, and they’re families and get the opportunity to grow as they grow.

Being family owned and operated has allowed J Bentley to focus on the little things. We enjoy getting to know our clients, but also, getting to understand their needs. Any agent can sell you insurance for something, but good agents will provide you with something that protects your property in a way that is most important to you. We are here as a last line of defense to protect the things you value most. Without the right coverage, you could be forced into a difficult situation that not only affects you but your family as well.

Our agents are not only here to help you insure your items, but also to help with the process of filing claims to rectify your losses. Many large agencies tend to filter claims to a specific department, often a call center. At J Bentley, we want you to call us. We want to be sure that not only are you and your loved ones okay but that you receive the proper service and care needed when processing a claim. Having someone you know to help you navigate through an unfamiliar and sometimes frustrating process can be a great relief.

At the start of 2019, Justin brought in his Brother in Law, Drake Harness, to run the company. Drake comes from a military family and a customer service background. Insurance seemed like a natural fit. Drake is Married to his wife Katelynn and has a young son named Wilder. They currently live in Edmond. In June of 2019, J Bentley moves into our new offices. We are excited to start a new chapter in our Agency and look forward to helping our long-time customers and showing new members what J Bentley is about.